Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We had a nice night tonight for trick or treating. I think it was the first dry, non-freezing trick-or-treat night that we've had since we moved into our house. And since there are more children in the neighborhood now, we've been getting more kids coming around.

Owen had his pumpkin hat on and Betsy had her ballerina costume on. So, we were telling people that Betsy was Cinderella and Owen was the pumpkin that turned into the stagecoach.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Owen had a doctor's visit this morning. He's now 10 lbs., 11 oz. and he's 23 inches long, so he's growing according to schedule. He laughed at the doctor and seemed to be happy laying mostly naked on the exam table.

He got a few vaccinations today. The first was an oral one, which he enjoyed, because it was sweet. He played around with it, took his time ingesting it, and laughed at the nurse giving it to him. However, that didn't last long, because he got two shots next. He turned purple before the scream came - adorable and sad at the same time! Unfortunately, after it all, he was a little fussy all day, had a little bit of an increased temperature, and didn't eat as much as normal (which are expected side effects of one of the vaccinations). Kathleen was worried about him all day, of course. In the evening, we took him out to Wegman's to do some grocery shopping. He seemed to enjoy getting out of the house and slept most of the trip out.

Owen's First Halloween Costume (sort of)

I guess he's a reindeer. But, one things for sure - he's adorable!

Halloween Parade

After Saturday was such a gloomy, rainy day, Sunday actually turned out to be a very nice, sunny day. So, we were able to take Owen and Betsy out to see the Bethlehem Halloween parade, which goes down Broad Street about 3 blocks from our house. Betsy wore her ballerina dress and Owen had a reindeer hat on - so I guess he was a reindeer.

There were, of course, a bunch of local marching bands in the parade, including the band from the middle school near our house - they march by our house practicing all the time, so we recognized their songs. The marching bands of the two high schools in town are always fun to watch: one has a piping band and the other has a fife and drum corps (which is adorable). And another one of the local bands stopped and did a Thriller dance in the middle of the parade!We also saw the giant, yellow Peep drive by on a float, as well as, Ferrous (the mascot of the Iron Pigs, which is the Phillies AAA team). Betsy enjoyed watching all of the dogs that were in the parade walk by.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visits from the Grandparents

Owen's had visits from both sets of his Grandparents two weekend in a row. Last weekend, Kathleen's parents came out to visit. There was supposed to be a little festival at the rose garden park near our house, but it rained all day. But, we all were able to get out for lunch. And we had baby sitters for the evening and were able to get out for dinner!

This past weekend, Phil's parents came up to visit. Saturday was supposed to be Doggie Day in Bethlehem, but once again, it rained all day and they had to cancel it. But, Phil's parents got to spend some nice time with Owen, and we had baby sitters for dinner again!

Snug as a Bug...

One night last week, it was really cold. So, Kathleen wrapped Owen in a blanket and put him in a sleep sack. He was really happy - and kind of funny looking!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing "Dress Up" with Mommy

Owen has now moved onto his 3-6 month clothes, even though he's only 2 months old. It's mostly because he's just too long. Kathleen noticed that he couldn't stretch out his feet in some of his clothes that have feet on them. So, it's time to move up. Kathleen had fun the other day dressing Owen up in all of the bigger clothes. He looks so cute in his little outfits!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keep On Rollin'

Owen rolled over (from his front to his back) all by himself for the first time today with Kathleen!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pay Attention to Me

Owen has been much more responsive and interactive with us the last few weeks. And, of course, he wants us to pay more attention to him - but that's what we want to do anyways! Kathleen started reading to him - he likes it when Mommy talks to him.

Owen loves to be changed. He gets really happy and laughs when you put him down on his changing table - because that's when Mommy plays games with him! He has also started trying to make sounds and repeat after us. He can say "A-goo", and he almost has "Oh-en", but he often gets too excited and squeals with delight before he gets it all out.

Kathleen has also been making sure that Owen gets his tummy time. He gets a little frustrated, because I think he wants to move around. He does this thing that makes him look like he's skydiving - sticks his head and his butt up in the air. But, he's almost able to roll over. Kathleen still has to help him out a little, but he's almost got it.

And after all of this play time, if Owen gets a little fussy, there's nothing like a little time in his bouncy chair with his speaker near it playing funk music for him. Calms him right down.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Weekend

It was a nice cool fall weekend in Bethlehem. We took a few walks around town with Owen. He likes to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Today, there was a little bluegrass band playing in the sculpture garden near city hall - so that gave us something to stop and listen to for a while during our walk. I swear Owen started to smile when he heard the music start playing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Owen's Photoshoot

We finally have all of the pictures from Owen's photoshoot on our Shutterfly site (see the link below). Thanks to our friend Jenn for taking these wonderful pictures! They're all so great!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Nice Day Off With the Family

Yesterday (Monday), Phil took off from work to spend a day with Kathleen and Owen. It was a beautiful, sunny (but cool) fall day. We all took a walk downtown and enjoyed the day. We had lunch at Brewworks, got coffees at The Wise Bean, bought some chocolates at the Chocolate Lab, and did some shopping at the Moravian Bookstore. Owen purchased a cute book called Good Egg, which had lots of moving parts that will keep him entertained when Kathleen reads it to him.

(It was much sunnier out than this pictures make it appear.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Harvest Fest!

This past Saturday was Harvest Fest on Main Street in Bethlehem, so it was our third "festing" weekend in a row. The weather was nice and sunny despite a dismal forecast. The thing that we love the best about Harvest Fest is that it's a very social time - we ran into all of our friends from town. Owen had a great time - he loves getting out around town. He slept a lot and also listened to some music on Main Street and in the Sun Inn Courtyard.

Owen, the pumpkin

Owen's looking festive in his new pumpkin hat.