Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Week Off

In between Christmas and New Year's Eve, both Phil and Kathleen had off from work and Owen's daycare was open. So, Daddy and Mommy had a nice quiet week to relax. We had lots of nice lunches out, caught up on some reading, and saw a movie at one of the big new theaters.

On New Year's Eve, we went over to our friends Brian and Wendy's house for the evening. Brian's sister, her husband, and kids were also visiting, so there were a few kids running around for Owen to play with. We made a big batch of seafood gumbo for dinner. After the kids went to bed, we had a chance to relax, play some Wii, and watch a little TV, before ringing in the new year.

On New Year's Day, we got together with some friends from the neighborhood (Joe and Rebecca) and their daughter Francesca. We had a nice dinner out at Brewworks - Owen and Francy-pants had a nice time hanging out next to each other in their high chairs. After dinner, we went back to Joe and Rebecca's house, put the kids down to bed, and hung out for a while.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Snow of the Winter

Right after Christmas, we got our first snowfall, and unfortunately, we had to cancel our travel plans to see Grandmom and Grandpop Smith, and Mommom (Owen's great-grandmother). While they were calling for a lot of snow, we really didn't get that much in the Lehigh Valley. But we still bundled up Owen in a few layers of clothes and a snowsuit, and took him out into the snow. He was adorable with his snowsuit on!