Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oscar, the Boston Terrier

A few weeks ago, Kathleen noticed our neighbor (from two doors down) walking a Boston Terrier puppy down our street. So, last weekend, we took Betsy and Owen down to meet our new puppy neighbor, whose name is Oscar. Oscar is about 7-8 weeks old and very playful right now. Both Oscar and Betsy were very eager to play with each other (Oscar maybe a little more so). When it gets warmer, we'll let them run and play a little more together. It's wonderful to have a Boston Terrier puppy on the street, but now Kathleen wants another dog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Owen's Dog Betsy

Owen loves sitting in his bumbo seat because he has a good view of Betsy. Betsy has started bringing him toys, and leaving them around his bumbo seat. He can't throw them yet, Betsy, but soon he'll be chasing you around.

Owen really loves Betsy. If he's upset, Betsy will calm him down. So, Betsy's new job is to entertain Owen when he's upset. She's not too sure of her new job, but she always helps Mommy out when she needs it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Baby!

Owen was in the best mood today! He was all smiles and giggles all day. We don't know what got into him, but suddenly everything was hilarious. We would be talking to each other, and Owen would just join in with squeals of laughter and joy. He was having a little party in his stroller while we were grocery shopping - just eating his blanket and smiling at Mommy. We think he is learning to smile at people in order to get them to come over and pay attention to him. He is a little comedian who loves to perform. When we got home, Daddy changed Owen's diaper while Owen showed off his new big boy laugh. He loves to play games with Daddy. He especially enjoys pretending he is an airplane coming in for a landing.

Postponed Christmas Pageant

Last weekend, we went to see the Christmas Pageant at church. The pageant had been postponed from before Christmas because of the big snow storm that we had. Owen wanted to see his friend Mark perform. It was his first acting role - he was baby Jesus. And he did excellent - he slept the whole time they had him in the manger!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bumbo Seat

Owen's been enjoying his new bumbo seat. He likes sitting up like a big boy and it gives him a good vantage point for watching Betsy run around.

End of the Holiday Season

Here's one last picture before we took all of our Christmas decorations down for the year.

Owen Reads Books All By Himself!

He's growing up so fast - already reading by himself!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year for New Year's Eve, we went over to visit our friends Wendy and Brian and stayed at their house for the night. Brian's sister and her husband also stayed over, and an old friend Karthik and his wife Vidya stopped by. It was a little bit of a baby party: there were two 2-year olds, Owen (4 months), and a newborn (6 weeks)! Later in the evening, we were all watching the various baby monitors to determine which kid was crying! We all played a little Wii and had some champagne at midnight, but it wasn't long before all of the parents were tired out and we headed to bed. I do have to admit that Kathleen and I stayed up a little later and talked for a while after everyone else went to bed. New Year's Eve is rather sentimental for us, since we met on New Year's Eve (12 years ago!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Owen Meets the Smith Family

Owen finally got to meet some of the Smith family earlier this week! Phil's cousin Suzanne had a small family gathering to celebrate the holidays and to let the fam meet Owen. Owen was a good sport, even though we kept him up late.H e dozed a little bit after his bottle, but then woke up after getting his second wind and smiled and flirted with everyone! He did get a little scared when everyone started kackling (i.e., the Smith laughing), but calmed down when he saw that Mommy was smiling!

Check out that drool!