Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celtic Fest!

Last weekend was Celtic Fest here in Bethlehem, so the town was filled with bagpipers, Irish dancers, and crazy people who think they're at the Renaissance Fair. We had some oddly warm weather for late September (in the 90s). But I guess that was better than a rainout. Owen had a great time listening to the Celtic music over the weekend. He really liked the bagpipes - he even smiled and started clapping when the piper started playing. He was also thrilled with one of the trees underneath the bridge - not sure what that was all about, but he was laughing about it!
We had some nice meals at Brewworks, where they featured a bunch of Irish specials over the weekend. We bought a travel booster seat for Owen, so we tried sitting him in the booths with us, and it worked out pretty good. He enjoyed sitting next to us, but tried crawling out of his seat a few times.

We got babysitters on Friday and Saturday night, so that we could enjoy some of the festivities while Owen was sleeping. Both nights, Enter the Haggis was playing the closing shows, so we caught parts of those shows. They really put on a great show! We also caught a traditional Celtic band (Scatter the Mud) downstairs at Brewworks. The weekend ended with show by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers that Owen got to enjoy with us.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hanging out at another festival in town called Loopapalooza.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Church Picnic at the Llama Farm

The other weekend, we went to our church's end-of-the-summer picnic, which was at a llama farm that is owned by one of the church members. Owen wasn't too interested in the llamas, even though there was a cute, fluffy (but big) baby llama. He did enjoy playing with the toys that they had out for the kids.

Owen's friend Mark and his parents also came to the picnic. We had a nice time visiting with them, even though we had to wrestle with the boys while we were talking. We tried taking pictures of Mark and Owen together, but we couldn't get them both to look at the camera at the same time - it was either one or the other!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we had a nice full day. After squeezing in lawn mowing and grocery shopping in the morning, Phil's friend from college (Lindsay) and her husband (Matt) stopped by for a visit with their newly-adopted daughter Maria. It was nice to catch up with them and hear about their adventures during the adoption process.

After lunch with our friends, we walked over to Starters on the south side, where the local Purdue Alumni group was watching the Purdue-Notre Dame football game. Owen was amazed by all of the large TV screens at the place - he didn't know which one to look at. After watching the first half of the game, we walked back to Brewworks, where we met Wendy, Brian, and Abby for dinner. Since we hadn't seen them since we were at the beach together, it was nice to visit with them and hear about their second week at the beach with their family.

The remainder of Labor Day weekend was less busy for us. The weather was beautiful and we took some nice walks around town. On Labor Day, we went shopping for some work clothes for Mommy. Owen got a little fussy when Mommy took a while finding stuff, but she did buy some nice skirts.

For dinner that night, we made a whole chicken, which was stuffed with garlic, lemons, and rosemary. It was delicious! We dropped it as we were taking it out of the pan and it just fell apart!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dinner at Sotto Santi

Labor day weekend, we walked over to the South Side for First Friday, but the restaurant that we wanted to eat dinner at (Blue Sky Cafe) was not open (I guess because it was a holiday weekend). So, we stopped into our favorite pizzeria: Sotto Santi. Like normal, Owen had a great time eating out - he really enjoyed his ravioli. We forgot to bring a bib, but we did a good job making one from a few napkins and he didn't get as messy as we were afraid that he would get!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jenn & Nathan's Wedding

Last weekend, Daddy traveled out of town for his friend Nathan's wedding - Daddy was a groomsman. (Nathan was the best man in Mommy and Daddy's wedding.) We were originally planning on taking Owen because they were offering childcare during the ceremony and reception. But we had a hard time finding a place to stay near the wedding, so we decided that Mommy and Owen should probably stay home. Besides, the Monday after the wedding was Mommy's first day back teaching. So, Mommy's friend Lisa came down to visit her and Daddy went down to the wedding alone, even though he wasn't crazy about leaving Mommy and Owen. Nevertheless, he had a wonderful time at the wedding, and then got up early on Sunday morning, so that he could get home early to Mommy and Owen.