Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepy Day

Owen and Betsy were very sleepy today after the holiday weekend and the long car trip. Betsy didn't get out of her bed until 2 pm (with only a quick trip to get a drink of water around 11:30). And Owen had multiple naps today - much more than normal.

Thanksgiving Trip to Mamaw and Papaw's

We drove out to WV to visit Kathleen's parents for Thanksgiving this year. It was our first long road trip with Owen. Owen did really well - despite a little fussiness. But who can blame him - he had to sit in his car seat for 7-8 hours. The trip from Bethlehem didn't start out great. There was a lot of traffic in the Lehigh Valley and around Harrisburg. It took us about 2 hours to drive a distance that normally takes about 1 hour to drive and then we had to stop to feed Owen already. So, after the first 3 hours of our trip, we hadn't gotten that far. After eating, Owen was a little fussy, but then he fell asleep and didn't wake up for the rest of the trip. The traffic thinned out after Harrisburg, so we didn't stop driving until we got there. For a trip that didn't start out too great, it didn't end up that bad.

We spent most of our time in WV just hanging out with Kathleen's parents and Owen ... and the dogs. Betsy had a great time playing with Abby (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever) and Maggie (a Dachshund). She likes to be part of the pack - running outside without a leash, fighting over toys, and begging for food scraps. Every time the doorbell rang or someone came in the front door, the three of them would run around the house barking and whining. This was often followed by many shushing sounds, as we all tried to keep the dogs from waking Owen up.

On Thanksgiving, we had dinner with Kathleen's parents, Owen's Uncle Rick, and some family friends (the Tuckers). On Friday night, we all went out to the K-of-C, so that Owen could meet some more of the Hudson family friends.

All in all, we had a very nice holiday. Even though his schedule was off for the entire trip, Owen did really well. He didn't have any trouble sleeping in his pack-n-play. And like normal, he was very happy - laughing and talking to everyone that paid attention to him!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's little Neddy Nederlander!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for the Holidays!

Well, the Christmas season started last weekend in Bethlehem - it's a big time of the year here! Since we're going to be in WV for Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the inside of the house today. Owen enjoyed watching us moving around and decorating - he was busy talking to us as we worked. He really liked the lights on the Christmas tree!

Night Out on the Town

Phil's parents came up to visit yesterday. We all had lunch out together and then sat around admiring how adorable Owen is.

And we had babysitters for Owen in the evening - we went out to the Hotel Bethlehem for dinner. Kathleen received a gift card for the hotel from her grandmother last Christmas and we finally had a chance to get out there for dinner (it's been a busy year). It was wonderful to have a nice dinner out and not to worry about how much you're spending - we both got $40 steaks! The hotel was decorated very nicely for Christmas. There were a lot of people partying at the hotel because Lehigh beat Lafayette in football earlier in the day. We had a really great evening out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rolling Over ...

Kathleen caught Owen in action rolling over during his tummy time the other day:

Coffee on Main Street

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Growing Like a Weed!

Well, Owen is not quite 3 months old, but we have him in his 6-months clothes already. He's growing (in length) like crazy! Kathleen's been having fun dressing him up in his new clothes!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mommom's 75th Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we headed down to Delaware to go to Owen's great-grandmother's 75th birthday party. It was our first long driving trip with Owen - a two-hour drive. He did really well - slept most of the trip. Owen got to meet all of his great aunts and got to see his Ma-maw and Pa-paw at the party. He had a great time - although the commotion got to be a little much for him. He was completely exhausted by the end of the night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Visit to the Dog Park!

We had some beautiful weather this past weekend. We took a few walks downtown to have lunch. And we took Betsy to the dog park in town. There were a lot of little dogs in the little dog side of the dog park, and Betsy had loads of fun running around with all of them! She typically has about 5-10 minutes of running around in her before she's exhausted and it's time to go home.
Owen had a good time watching the doggies run around while strapped to Daddy in the Baby Bjorn.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Doggie Day in Bethlehem

Yesterday was Doggie Day in Bethlehem. It had been rescheduled from last Saturday, which was really rainy. And yesterday wasn't much better, but they were able to squeeze the event in between the rain. This year, they had Main Street in Bethlehem blocked off with vendors selling doggie-related items. Most of the dogs at the event are dressed up in Halloween costumes. Part of the event is a dog parade down Main Street with judging of the costumes at the end. The most original costume that we saw was a Chinese Crested as a shrunken head on a table (see below).

Because it was a little rainy and we didn't feel like bringing the circus downtown, we didn't bring Betsy down this year. She seemed really tired anyways - we felt that she could use some quiet time in the house to take a nap without Owen crying. And since it was a little cool outside, we didn't hang around too long at Doggie Day before we hopped into Brewworks for lunch. But we raninto some friends, who brought their Black Lab (Roxy) out to see the other dogs.

And we met a really cute Boston Terrier puppy, who was dressed up as Batman!

Owen typically sleeps through lunch when we're out. But we ran up against his bottle time, so we had to feed him while we were out. And then we was awake. So I sat him on my lap at the restaurant - he really likes to sit up and look around at what's going on!