Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Thanksgiving For the Dogs

As mentioned in the previous post, Thanksgiving this year was almost derailed by a number of illnesses. But we still had a great time visiting with Mommy's family in WV. Owen loves his uncles, and they had a great time playing with him. Uncle Rick flew Owen around like a plane, and showed him videos on his phone to keep him entertained. Owen spent a lot of time crawling all over Papaw, Mamaw, and his uncles, and thrilled his Papaw when he said "pa-pa" to him.

Betsy had fun running around with the pack (i.e., Abby and Maggie) likes she does every year. She was showing off this year by repetitively jumping over the baby gates (which she never does at home). And every time there was any sort of noise or bump, all three dogs would run barking around the house. Luckily, they never woke Owen up, but they startled us all a few times.

While we were in WV, we got to visit with one of Kathleen's high school friends Jenny (who was in Kathleen's wedding party). Jenny has three boys, including her youngest, Jacob, who is only two months younger than Owen. Unfortunately, Jacob was taking a nap for most of the time that we were visiting, so Owen didn't get to play with him much, but at least that got to meet each other before we left.

The nicest surprise of the weekend came on our trip home. We were a little worried that Owen would be awake and fussy for most of the seven hour drive. But he was really good. We played some music that he likes and he just sat in his car seat and read books. Every once in a while, he would cry a little and we'd give him another book, and he'd be fine for another 10 minutes. He took a two hour nap, we had lunch, and then he looked through some more books before we got home. And since we got up so early in the morning (with Owen at the crack of dawn), we didn't run into any traffic and we got home a little after 2pm!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Plague on Both Our Houses

Here's the update from the sick house. Over the past month, Owen has had two ear infections (at once - in both ears), strep throat, and a stomach virus. The week that he had the ear infections, we were all down for the count. He was out of daycare 3 1/2 days that week, so Mommy and Daddy took turns staying home with him, and then crawled into work the other days.

Somehow, Mommy and Daddy managed to get by without getting strep throat, and Owen responded quickly to the antibiotic. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Owen got sick to his stomach. We thought it might be from the antibiotic, but they told us at daycare that there was a stomach illness going around. Then, on Tuesday night, Mommy was up sick all night. Seems that she got Owen's stomach illness - maybe because Owen had puked all over her. She unfortunately had to take the day before Thanksgiving break off, so she could rest up. (She missed the pep rally for the big Turkey Day football game!) But, she felt up for the trip to West Virginia on Wednesday night to visit with her family for Thanksgiving and we made it there without any issues. However, on Saturday, Kathleen's dad, mother, and both brothers were each feeling rather ill with a stomach illness. We are all hopeful that Owen will be well in the coming weeks - his family can't take much more!


Last weekend, we went over to our friend's for dinner. Since they live 1/2 hour away (which is a long way for us), we always stay over whenever we go to visit them. By the time that we get over there, have dinner, and put Owen down to sleep, we wouldn't have any visit if we didn't stay the night.

Owen had a great time playing with Abby - they both had fun chasing each other around with some walkers. We thought it would be efficient (and cute) if they both got a bath together. However, Owen was not happy in the tub - probably because it was a strange place, and well past his bedtime.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend in Philly

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy got away for a weekend in Philadelphia. We stayed at a hotel off of Rittenhouse Square for Friday and Saturday night. On Friday night, we had dinner at Monk's and then went to a comedy show, which turned out to be a really funny show. The headliner was Nick Kroll (from The League and that caveman sitcom that was on a while ago). He actually came out in character and was one of the opening acts for himself.

On Saturday, we had an amazing lunch at Amada, a tapas restaurant in the Old City. Kathleen said that it was the best lunch that she ever had. We also did some shopping for clothes for Phil, browsed a used bookstore for books for Kathleen, and took the tour at the Yard's brewery.

On Saturday night, we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert at the Wells Fargo Center. We were about as far as you could get away from the stage, but at least we weren't far off center.

When we got home, Mamaw and Papaw had Owen at lunch at Brewworks, where he was visiting with all of his waitress friends.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Francy-Pant's Weekend

The other weekend, we babysat our friends' daughter Francesca (one of Owen's girlfriends) on a Saturday afternoon while her parents (Joe and Rebecca) went to a wedding. Owen and Francy-pants are still too young to play with each other, but they both were both sleeping for most of the time that we were babysitting, so the sitting wasn't as hard as we thought that it would be.

The next day was Francesca's baptism. We didn't go to the actual baptism because it overlapped with Owen's naptime, but we did stop by their party at their place afterwards. Owen had a good time crawling around outside with the girls, who were spinning around in circles. And he was very persistent in trying to climb up their stairs outside and inside. We hung around the party for a while and were able to visit with Joe and Rebecca after everyone else left.