Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving Forward!

Over the weekend, Owen made his first forward progress while crawling. And we caught it all with our video camera! The best part about it is that he was so happy and excited about moving forward - he was laughing and squealing so much!

Here's the video. Make sure that you turn the sound up!

Rose Garden Carnival and Scooby Doo!

Last weekend, there was a community carnival in the Rose Garden near our house. There was some live music and carnival games, with the proceeds all benefiting Alex's Lemonade Stand (for childhood cancer research). However, the weather wasn't too cooperative on Saturday. We went down to see a band on Saturday, but got caught in a downpour. Sunday, they were calling for rain all day, but it cleared up a little and we were able to get back to the carnival to check it out some more. The highlight of the day was seeing Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine!

Owen says "Opa!"

Friday night, we walked to the local Greek church down the street for the spring Greek Food Fest. Owen had a nice time in the sun and wanted to dance around to the bouzouki music. Mommy and Daddy got some yummy gyros with some pita and dips, which we took home for dinner.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Babysitter Night

Last weekend, we had our first (non-parent) babysitter for Owen on Saturday night. Hannah is the daughter of one of Phil's co-workers. We've known her for a few years (from our relationship with her mom) and have seen her perform Irish dancing a few times at the local festivals. She's in 8th grade, but she is responsible and mature for her age. While babysitting Owen this time, she didn't have too much to be responsible for. She helped us feed Owen his dinner and put him down to bed. And all she had to do was listen to the baby monitor and watch a little TV - but I think that she actually did homework all night.

Mommy and Daddy had a nice evening out - dinner and a movie. We walked downtown, had dinner at Apollo Grill (where we haven't gotten to go in a while), and went to see Iron Man 2 at the Boyd.

Since we didn't take any pictures that night, here's a picture of Hannah dancing at Musikfest last year - she's the one on the right.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tunes at Twilight - Reggae Night

We had a good time at Tunes at Twilight again tonight. A reggae band was playing - Trouble City All-Stars from Bethlehem. Kathleen made chicken salad wraps and pasta salad for dinner. The weather was wonderful, we ran into some friends, and Owen loved dancing around to the music - a typical Tunes at Twilight night!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommy and Daddy's Catering Service for Owen

We've been trying to move Owen on to some more solid food, and to eat a little more independently. So, we've been having him drink his formula from a sippy cup and trying to get him to hold his spoon with us while we're feeding him. He's been doing pretty well with that, but feeding time's been much messier and slower. And towards the end of the formula, he still wants Mommy to hold it up for him!

Owen has 1/4 of one tooth through, and 3 others about to come through. The doctor said that we should be trying more solids foods with him, so we tried a few things out today. Kathleen gave him a piece of cheese earlier, which he gagged on as soon as it was in his mouth. But he did eat little of the the leftover manicotti from last night (which Kathleen now considers his first solid food meal). Later on, we tried some Cheerios, which he also gagged on, but those grew on him a little more quickly. He liked it when Mommy and Daddy were also eating the Cheerios and making munchy noises.

Finally, we tried out some stage-3 foods (that are more chunky) for dinner. He was trying really hard to eat them - but gagged quite a bit and even brought a lot of it back up for us. So, we just gave him his fully-pureed fruits that he really loves - and a little cuddle bottle before he went to bed!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kid Tunes!

Last Saturday morning, we took Owen to a kid's concert at the Banana Factory. Mr. Ray was performing - Kathleen often plays his music for Owen, so we all recognized some of the songs. Owen had a good time watching all of the other kids dancing around!

But before too long, the music soothed Owen right to sleep!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Friday night, we stopped by a F.A.R.T. (Friday Afternoon Recreational Time) with the Phillipsburg High School English Department. It was at Evan's house this month - and he displayed his culinary skills: hot dogs and frozen burgers grilled up on his grill! But we're teasing Evan... despite his bachelor's lifestyle, his house and the landscaping are looking very nice!

Everyone enjoyed seeing Owen. The English department decided that Owen is a future man of letters. He is obviously a scholar!

Tunes at Twilight

This past Thursday night was the first night for Tunes at Twilight downtown in Bethlehem. Tunes at Twilight features live music every Thursday night in May and June in the Sun Inn courtyard in Bethlehem. The music is almost always fun (except for that night that they had "renaissance music" a few years ago). A lot of people (including us) bring picnic dinners. But you can also buy dinner from the local restaurants, and they'll deliver it to you in the courtyard.

Events like this are nice because we always run into a lot of friends and neighbors. Owen had a great time! He loved jumping on Daddy, even though he was tiring Daddy out. Owen actually stayed out until the end of the show at 8pm, which is well past his bedtime. This was probably because Daddy was dancing around with him all night!