Saturday, July 31, 2010

Owen's First IronPigs Game

On Friday night, we took Owen to his first IronPigs game. The IronPigs are the AAA minor league team for the Phillies and their stadium is only five minutes from our house. The night out at the game was organized by someone from our church, so there was a large group of people from our church in the picnic patio near left field. We sat with our friends Marilyn and Annalisa and their son Mark (who was born one month before Owen).

Here's Mark:
Unfortunately, Owen didn't make it through the first inning before he fell asleep in Daddy's arms. So we put him in Mark's stroller (because he was still awake), and he slept through all of the loud music and activities between innings. But, at least we were able to enjoy our time with our friends even though the IronPigs were playing horribly.

About halfway through the game, Owen woke up and was ready to go home, so that's where we headed. But, we had a wonderful evening at the game, and actually ended up watching more of the game than we thought that we would beforehand.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Blog: Day 7

On our last day at the beach, Mommy and Wendy started out the morning by going to a yoga class on the beach.

On our way back to the rental, we stopped by the pastry shop on our street for some danishes and sticky buns, and then headed back to the beach to spend our morning there. Abby was busy building sand castles - and Owen was having a great time tearing the castles down. We nicknamed him "Destructor."

After lunch, we spent our last naptime hanging out on the deck and enjoying the view. And when Owen got up from his nap, he joined us out there and ate a peach while sitting on the deck with us.
Before dinner, we took a walk and stopped at a place along the promenade to get an Old Timey Photo of Owen. We dressed him up like a gangster and sat him on the bar. He had a good time playing with the props (a pistol, an empty whiskey bottle, and a bag of money). They took some good shots of Owen with his hands up in the air, as if he were surrendering after the big heist!

We were able to get Owen down to bed before sunset that evening, so Mommy and Daddy were actually able to enjoy watching the sunset together on their last evening at the beach.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Blog: Day 6

On Thursday at the beach, we got up and went crabbing! We rented a small boat from Strathmere and headed out into the wetlands. We picked an excellent day for crabbing because it was an absolutely beautiful day - it was sunny and the humidity was down!

The guy that we rented the boat from gave us good directions to an excellent place to go crabbing. We just used lines with bait on the ends and a net to grab the crabs after we snagged them. It actually went pretty well! Within a minute of putting our first line down, we caught our first crab. But, he was a small one so we threw him back. However, after about an hour, we had caught five worthy crabs.

Owen was brave on the boat ride, but he didn't like his lift jacket, so he was a little fussy. But, he calmed down if we kept feeding him. So, we fed him a few peaches, a bag of Cheerios, and a cereal bar while we were out there. And then he wanted to crawl around, so we let him crawl on one of the benches, while holding onto his life jacket. But after about an hour of crabbing, he had had enough. He had a big poopy diaper that we had to change on the boat. And he was very tired, but couldn't fall to sleep in his life jacket, so he made a ruckus and we headed back to shore. Eventually, with Daddy bouncing him on his leg, he did end up falling asleep, which made the ride back much more peaceful for everyone on board.

After we got back to the rental, we ate our crabs for lunch and then enjoyed another naptime while the kids slept. After naptime, we let Owen play in the pool on the deck, while Mommy and Daddy tried to relax.

That night, we went out to Moe's BBQ for dinner, and Owen loved it!! He ate almost all of Mommy's pulled pork sandwich, some baked beans, a sweet potato with cinamon butter, and some of Wendy's fried chicken! He loved it all and was a mess after eating it all!

After dinner, we took Abby and Owen back to the amusement park one last time. This time, Owen rode the dragon on the merry-go-round (to be in front of Abby), and of course, he loved it once again!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beach Blog: Day 5

On Wednesday, we spent the morning down on the beach again. Owen seemed much more at ease on the beach this time. He had a great time when Daddy helped him "jump" over the waves, but didn't like it when Daddy left him with Mommy to take a dip.

After lunch and naptime, we drove to a local winery Natali Vineyards. Each Wednesday in the summer, the winery has an event called "Wine it down Wednesdays", which features food, wine tasting, and live music. The music wasn't great, but we enjoyed the scenery while drinking a glass of wine.

After dinner that evening, we took a walk along the promenade. Owen and Abby got to ride the horses at the arcade again. Owen had a blast and even patted his horse.

Farther down the promenade, it was "Family Dance Party" night. So, we stopped for a while and danced around with Abby and Owen. It's wonderful that the town organizes these nice events for the families and children in town on vacation!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Blog: Day 4

On Tuesday, we walked down to the Farmer's Market in the center of town at 8am. But it was already getting pretty hot, so we just bought a few things and headed on our way.

After the Farmer's Market, we went to the Cape May County Zoo, which is only a 15 minute drive away and is free! Owen was getting a little tired, and maybe a little drained by the heat, but he really liked it when the lion roared and then walked by the front of the caged area! Even with the heat, there were a lot of animals out and about. Daddy got very hot carrying Owen around in the Baby Bjorn, but we stayed hydrated and had a very nice morning.

After lunch and nap time, we just hung out on the lower deck in the shade and watched the boats sail by on the bay. We filled up the wading pool for Owen and Abby and they had a good time playing in there. We tried inflating an inner tube, which just made us hotter ... and the tube ended up having a leak in it. So, we cooled off by taking a dip off the dock in the bay.

That night, we ate out at Mike's Seafood, which is on the bay around the corner from our rental. We all some nice seafood and a wonderful time! It was "kids eat free" night, so it got a little crowded, but it was lots of fun. Owen flirted with all the girls that walked by, and loved his fried flounder so much that he almost pulled it into his lap (as you can see from the picture below).

After dinner, we stopped by the amusement park to let Owen ride the merry-go-round again. He really loves it, and hates it when the ride finally stops.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Blog: Day 3

Today was a little cloudy in the morning, so we decided to take a walk down the promenade along the beach rather than spending some time on the beach (and getting very sandy). We took Owen to the arcade and played some Skee-ball. Owen really liked the flashing lights and noises in the arcade.

Even though it was a little cloudy out today, it was very humid and warm. We couldn't even stand sitting in the shade on the lower deck. So, we spend some time hanging out inside in the air conditioning. Owen really likes the L-shaped couch in the living area of the rental. It has lots of pillows and room for Owen to crawl all around on it (he's a little monkey). And after he's done climbing all over us and the couch, he likes to just chill out.

Finally, we decided to brave the heat, so we walked to the amusement park, which is only a few blocks away. We took Owen on the merry-go-round. Daddy got on with him, sat him on a horse, and buckled him in (and kept a tight hold on his outfit). Owen grabbed onto the pole expectantly. And when the ride started, he squealed with glee. He had a wonderful time as the horse moved up and down - just watching everything and taking it all in as the ride spun around. Mommy said that he looked so cute that she was smiling so much that her face hurt!

Then took Owen by a playground for his first ride on a swing! And of course he loved that also!

Finally, in the evening, we took and walk down to the promenade where they were having a concert. The music wasn't great (band 70's covers), but the kids were having a good time dancing around.
When Abby wanted to get on a little ride at the arcade in the evening, Owen got to ride the horses also. He loved it - even though he was pretty tired at that point in the evening. See the video below.

Beach Blog: Day 2

On our first full day here at the shore, we spent most of the morning down on the beach. As soon as we sat Owen down in the sand, he tried to eat some, which started our constant efforts to keep him from doing so. Owen really seems to like the ocean - he at least didn't cry when we dipped him in the water and pretended to have him jump the waves. Then, we sat him down in the sand and let the ripples flow over him. I think he actually liked it when a big wave washed over him! He liked playing with the wet sand, and, of course, tried to eat some more.

We bought a Owen a small wading pool that Daddy blew up and then filled up with water by hauling buckets of water from the ocean. When we weren't playing in the ocean, we sat him in the wading pool to keep him busy. Rather than getting umbrellas, we bought a tent to provide some shade for us. It ended up being very easy to put up and to secure in the sand. It provided a good shelter for Owen while he wasn't in the ocean or the pool.

At night, we got some salmon fillets and clams from the fish market at the end of the street and grilled them all up - delicious!! And then we spent another nice evening on the decks watching the sunset and enjoying the warm air!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Blog 2010: Day 1

Well, we're here at the beach! This year, we got a rental on the bay in Sea Isle City, NJ for the week. The property is very nice - not a bad choice for just viewing some pictures over the Internet. The view from the decks is amazing - a nice view of the bay, the salt marshes, and the intracoastal waterway right outside. We can watch all of the boats sailing by. We have a dock... so we might rent a boat later in the week. We're also close to the downtown area with lots of restaurants and the boardwalk. And only a 4 block walk to the beach. But because of our rental's nice spot on the bay, we might just hang out here on the decks and swim in the bay!

It was a very warm day when we got here. So, we unloaded the car and just hung out on the deck for a while. But as the sun started to go down, we took Owen for a little walk around town. And we stopped by the beach to take Owen down to the ocean for the first time. We stuck his feet in the water. He was very interested by the waves!

The sunset from our deck was beautiful, which made us ask why haven't we stayed on the bay before? After the kids went down to bed, we had a nice evening sitting out on the deck on a warm Saturday night (low in the 70s). We watched a lot of boats and a few booze cruises float by and listened to a little music, but were pretty exhausted after a long day of getting down to the beach and settling in. But we have a nice week ahead of us!