Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading the Morning Paper


Owen's turned out to be a real climber. He loves to climb up on chairs and stand there without holding on - I think he's trying to say "Look Mom! No hands!"

So, Daddy bought him a slide for his bedroom. He loved it right away and climbed right up. He started laughing when he got to the top for the first time. He loves to climb up, slide down, and circle around to do it again. He even started yelling "Wheeeeee!" as he slid down. Definitely a good purchase for Owen. But he still wants to climb on the chairs too.

Who's That Handsome Devil in the Mirror?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Owen & Francesca

Recently, we've been getting together with our friends, putting the babies down to sleep, and then hanging out together for the rest of the evening. The kids have a good time playing together before bedtime, and then the adults can relax without any babies after bedtime. We're all enjoying it!

So... to celebrate our new found freedom - here are some great pictures of Owen and Francesca:

Visit From Aunty Lisa!

In January, Kathleen's friend from college, Lisa, came down to visit. And she brought presents for Owen with her! She brought Owen a dinosaur toy, which he loved right away! We took a trip out to Vynecrest and had a nice dinner at Brewworks!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Postponed Visit to Grandmom and Grandpop's

The weekend after New Year's, we traveled down to visit with Grandmom and Grandpop in Delaware. Our previous plans to visit right after Christmas were canceled because of snow. During our visit, we opened our Christmas presents. Owen got a helicopter that can be pulled around and plays music. He loved it right away!

After dinner, we drove down to Mommom's house farther down in Delaware to spend the night. Kathleen stayed up late talking with Mommom and two of her aunts - and then continued visiting and talking in the morning over breakfast. Owen had a good time pulling his new helicopter around and dancing to some funk music!

I Need a Haircut!

Owen's hair was getting long around the holidays. Daddy's barber said that he would trim him up for free, but we had trouble getting him there, so we just trimmed it ourselves. Didn't do too bad of a job, and he was much better behaved through the trim than we thought he would be!