Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

On Owen's birthday on Wednesday, Mamaw and Papaw were passing through town on their way to New York City and were able to celebrate Owen's first birthday with him. They of course brought some nice toys and books up for Owen. Mommy made a delicious shepherd's pie for dinner, and we had a cake with a "1" candle on it for Owen. However, by the time that Daddy got home from work and we got dinner on the table, Owen was really tired. So, he didn't really get to eat much of his cake.

On Saturday, we took Owen down to Brewworks for a birthday dinner. The waitresses all fussed over him and brought him out a cup of ice cream with a candle on it. Too bad Owen's not crazy about really cold foods like ice cream yet. (But Daddy enjoyed the ice cream for Owen!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Owen!

We love you so much, and had a wonderful first year with you!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 10

The last day of Musikfest was a little rainy, but we did manage to get out for a walk around the festival with Owen. He really thought that the rain guard on the stroller was hilarious and had a great time playing with it from underneath.

After walking around a while, we stopped into Brewworks for a nice, dry dinner. Owen really enjoyed his kids meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and veggies. He also had a great time climbing around on Daddy when he was sitting in the booth seat. He even planted a big kiss on Daddy's cheek because he was having so much fun. Mommy watched the kiss from across the table and said that it was so cute that it made her day!

After dinner, we went home to watch the fireworks from our sunroom. They've moved the location where they set the fireworks off slightly and we have an excellent view of the fireworks from inside our sunroom. A great way to end a long week of festing!

Fest Blog: Day 9

On the second Saturday of Musikfest, we were invited to a few fest parties in our neighborhood in the afternoon. But because of our time restrictions between Owen's nap and getting back for his babysitter, we were only able to make it to one of the parties being hosted by Kathleen's coworker Nicole. Kathleen had a good time visiting with the other teachers and talking about the upcoming school year. And Owen made a lot of friends - he had a great time flirting with all of the women at the party!

That night was our last babysitter night of Musikfest. We went out to watch Enter the Haggis (one of our favorite Celtic-rock bands) play at Volksplatz. The music was great - they played a great selection of their songs! It was a little crowded, and Kathleen had a little trouble seeing at times. So, we eventually retreated to the members section in the back of the tent, where we were able to relax and watch the show!

Fest Blog: Day 8

On Friday, after dropping off Owen at daycare, we started out by watching some Irish Dancers at Volksplatz, including Hannah Dunn, who is one of Owen's babysitters. That's Hannah below - second from the right.

We had a nice lunch at Mama Nina's again, and then enjoyed a show by the Sarah Burgess Trio at Volksplatz. They're an Australian band that plays upbeat folk music - surprisingly good and lots of fun!

That evening, we walked around Musikfest with Owen and checked out a few concerts, including The Fabulous Shpielkehs (a klezmer band) at Volksplatz, Our Cousin, The Emperor (a country/rock band) at Main St. Stage, and the Eric Steckel band (local blues band) at Liederplatz. We also discovered a vendor selling grass-fed burger and fresh tomato salad, which was amazing!

Owen even made a friend while we were at Liederplatz.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 7

Thursday was a rainy day, but Mommy and Daddy did get out for lunch at Brewworks while Owen was at daycare. Because it was wet out, we didn't take him for a walk around Musikfest. And then our babysitter was late, so we didn't get out until 9 P.M. But by that time, the rain had mostly stopped and eventually did completely clear up. We met up with some friends and caught the Trombone Shorty show at Americaplatz. He put on another amazing show! He even came out and did a little second line parade through the crowd with a few of his band members!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 6

On Wednesday, we picked Owen up early and took him to a Kira Wiley show at the kids tent at Musikfest. Outside of Musikfest, Kira leads Fireflies yoga for kids at The Yoga Loft on the south side (where Kathleen goes to yoga). Kira also got some publicity when Dell used one of her songs on a TV commercial. So, her show at Musikfest was a mix of acoustic songs and yoga for the kids. Owen had a great time watching all of the kids do the tree pose, and the surfer pose, and then dance around.

We had another babysitter on Wednesday night, so Mommy and Daddy went out again to watch a few shows at Musikfest. First, we caught a little bit of Red Baraat, a Bhangra (i.e., Indian) brass band, that played some funky music with a dhol at Volksplatz. Then, we checked out a little of Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles (who play Austin-style country rock) at Americaplatz. Finally, we went to see Trombone Shorty play some excellent funk at Volksplatz - probably the best concert that we ever saw at Musikfest!

Red Baraat

Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles

Trombone Shorty

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 5

On Tuesday, we dropped Owen off at daycare and had another nice lunch downtown. We stopped by to see a Celtic band playing on our way home, and then picked Owen up. We decided to give him the day off from Musikfest, and just played around from him until his babysitter arrived. Mommy and Daddy had another nice night out at two concerts. First, we watched a show by Diego's Umbrella, who play a sort of gypsy rock with a little Mexican flavor. They were amazing - probably one of the best shows we've ever seen at Musikfest! At one point, both the fiddle player and one of the guitar players came down into the audience (while continuing to play)!

After that concert, we watched Scythian, who are Musikfest regulars. They play a nice hybrid of Celtic, gypsy, and eastern European music, and do an excellent job getting the audience involved with their shows. The highlight of the show was an accordion dance song that included bits of Biz Markie's "You Got What I Need", House of Pain's "Jump Around", and even Kris Kross's "Jump"! That's going way back!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 4

On Monday, Mommy and Daddy dropped Owen off at daycare, and then had the morning and afternoon to themselves. They spent the morning watching a movie and then walked down to Musikfest. There was an African band (Limpopo) playing at Volksplatz. They turned out to be a pleasant surprise - playing some nice summer music!

Mommy and Daddy then had a nice lunch at Mama Nina's on Main Street. We were able to get a table outside, and we ordered our normal lunchtime order: a large Pellegrino, garlic knots, two dinner salads, and a garlic marinara pizza. It was all so delicious!! We were talking about it for a few hours later.

Later in the afternoon, we picked Owen up and took him for a walk around Musikfest. We stopped by to see a rockabilly band (The Headers) at Americaplatz. Owen and Daddy had a good time dancing around.

Then, we went down to see Scythian play at Volksplatz. Once again, Owen and Daddy had a great time dancing around to the band... it was a real party in the tent!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 3

On Sunday, we started out festing by watching Burning Bridget Cleary, a little Celtic Band, play at Volksplatz. This was Owen's second time seeing them play live. He loves it when there are girls performing on stage. During the concert, he had a great time monkeying around on a chair. He likes it when we let him stand up while holding onto the back of the chair. He can dance around that way.After that concert, we had a nice dinner at Brewworks, where Owen flirted with (and got lots of attention back from) his favorite waitress, Hilary. We then checked out a band called Rubblebucket at Volksplatz. They played a kind of funky dance music, and once again, Owen loved the brass instruments!

Fest Blog: Day 2

Saturday was the first full day of Musikfest. After Owen took his nap, we went out to see the Sweetback Sisters play some honky-tonk country at Volksplatz. Then, we stopped by Liederplatz, where a ska band was playing. Owen really loved the horns!

Saturday evening, we had a babysitter come over to watch Owen, while Mommy and Daddy went out to watch some concerts. We started off watching Spiritual Rez at Volksplatz. They were great - played some funky, reggae music! We also stopped by Americaplatz to see the Dirty Guv'nuhs, who sound a lot like the Black Crowes, and then, met up with one of Kathleen's co-workers, Evan, and his girlfriend. We had a great time hanging out with them, and caught a little bit of a concert by Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra. They played some funky, jazzy gospel music - it was essentially a big New Orleans party! Phil had a good time dancing around to a song "Bury Me in New Orleans"!

Spiritual Rez:
Brother Joscephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fest Blog: Day 1

Owen's first Musikfest is here! We had a wonderful evening tonight! The weather was great, and is looking great for the week! We started out by checking out Fellswoop (a bluegrass/jam band from Bethlehem) at the Main Street stage. Owen really seemed to enjoy festing!

We then took a walk around to a few platz since it was such a wonderful night. We ended up at Banana Island, where there was a funky jazz band playing (BD Lenz Group). Owen really loved the sax and the bass. He loves funk so much!

After checking out the jazz band, we headed back to Main Street to watch the end of the Fellswoop concert and we ran into some friends from the neighborhood. Owen and Daddy danced around with them to the music for awhile, and then we then stopped back at Liederplatz to check out a few minutes of the Three-Legged Fox concert before heading home for the night. It was truly a great first Musikfest night out!