Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bethlehem's First St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Saturday before St. Patrick's Day, Bethlehem had its first ever St. Patrick's Day parade. So surprising that this is the first one since there is such a large Irish community in the area and there is even a Celtic festival in town. The parade was nice with some piper bands and Irish dancers. Owen had a good time hanging out with Francesca. He seemed a little concerned by the crowds and the noises, but he loved it when dogs walked by!

In the evening after the parade, there was a concert in a tent in the historic district in Bethlehem. We shared a sitter with our friend Becky to watch the kids and we all got to go out for the evening. The music in the tent was great! They had a really nice setup with the stage at one end and connected tents serving food and beer. But we didn't eat there - we went up to Brewworks and managed to get a seat to get some dinner. So nice to have some adult time out!

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  1. You totally need to share your sitter's info with me! We are dying to get out of the house!